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Portland Oregon Leak Repairs Done Right By Jnr – We are able to repair and fix exposed top nails, bad pipe boots, vents, missing, cracked or damaged shingles and add chimney caps. The number one and two main causes of roof leaks are top nails and worn out pipe boots. We do a full roof inspection with all of our work, especially with roof cleaning. Will let you know via photos and conversation if anything extra is needed to keep your roof safe.

Full roof inspection by us included with all work. We do more then just clean your roof.

We do not service roof leaks, but know some very good contractors who do and can send you their info upon request. We are limited to the following for repairs on composition roofs only. See details below.

Roof color matching facts for repairing missing or damage shingles. This is one of our areas of expertise and specialization. We match the roofs manufacturer, make, and color or we get it as close as possible, as there are hundreds of different types of composition roofing material. We get a piece of the roof, pressure wash it if its dirty so we can get an exact color match and take it in to a roofing supply warehouse. The experts of the roofing warehouse will be able to match the roofing material to the exact make and manufacturer. In some cases, the roofing material is out dated and the manufacturer is no longer around. In this case, we will match it as close as possible.

If you have a leak in your roof, or you think you may have a possible leak we will find it. The way we find leaks is through a full inspection. First, we walk the roof fully inspecting and taking photos to send to your email. It is a 150.00 fee for us to climb on the roof and do an inspection, which includes us to crawl around in your attic searching for leaks. The reason why is because finding the leak is often more work then fixing it, and other roofing companies are happy to capitalize on someone else doing the leg work. I will give you the bid to fix the issues you have with your roof for what is needed. If we are not able to do the work, if it is out of our scope of expertise then we will refer the right company for you.

The bid is not to fix the roof leak, but to fix the roof leak hazards that I see. All of MY work is guaranteed for workmanship and for the life of the materials. The reason why I do it like that is because we are not set up for large roofing jobs or complete tear offs of a side and re roof if that is what ends up being necessary for the leak fix.  If I do all of what I see needed to be done on the roof and the roof still leaks, I will refer it out to a roofing company. We are a roof maintenance company. My philosophy is to start out small and to fix what is obvious. 98% of the time, this fixes the leak based on ten years being in business as a roof maintenance contractor fixing leaks. My philosophy with leak repairs is to start small and work our way up the ladder, (pun intended). Usually its a pipe vent/boot that has worn out or some valley metal that was not installed right. In any case, we are not going to tell you that you need a complete or partial tear off which can get very spendy. Lets start out small and fix exactly what it is. We climb around on your roof and inside your attic, drive out to your house using gas and time, post our ladders and get up on your roof and we have 10 plus years of experience roofing. Not to mention, if I can not find the cause of the leak, I know someone that can. Once I have figured out the roof leak, its a lot less work for other roofers to give you a bid as the work has already been done by me. 

Portland Oregon Roof Repairs – In the worst case scenario where damage has been done to your roof, we can help you repair it. We repair composition roofs from any problems including bad pipe boots which wear out about every ten years, wind damage, missing pieces, ridge caps, seal top nails, flashing, and more. The quality of your Portland roofing repair can’t be neglected – because it costs less to have your roof repaired in the long run. We guarantee our work and back it up with photos. We protect your roof – and your pocketbook by matching prices as a licensed General contractor, licensed by the department of agriculture and full workers comp on my employee. That’s right, I will match prices with any legal roof cleaning company who is on the same playing field that I am on. Get it done right. Get JNR Industries.

Licensed, Bonded, Insured – CCB # 214684

Roof Repairs and Roof Cleaning – The roof over your head is our main concern!

Weeds growing out of your gutters? Does your roof look like a lawn? Hopefully the situation isn’t that bad, but whatever the case, protecting your roof is our number one concern – and the number one cause of damage and leaks is moss.



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Roofing Repairs, Roof Repairs, Roof Repairing

We do not fix leaks right now as we are so busy with cleaning, which is what we specialize in. If you are needing a cleaning but also have a leak. You will need to get that leak fixed first before we can clean it. I can recommend some good roof leak experts to fix your problem.

I would like a chance to talk to you and maybe we could figure out a bid over the phone based on what you know is going on. I will give a more detailed free bid, but I wont come out and put in free work, to figure out the leak. When we do fix leaks or leak hazards, we have a 100% success rate with fixing leaks  All work is guaranteed and photos will be sent to your email to prove that we did the work.

I am an honest contractor and want you to understand that a free bid for roof cleaning means that we will most likely drive or bike to the property, lay eyes on it, then email you an estimate. A good option that some people like, is the inspection type bid which costs 150.00 – will walk the roof, noting and taking photos of anything worth mentioning, then send a detailed report along with the photos to the customer. This is worth its weight in gold because you really get to know what exactly is going on with your roof structure – the most important part of your home. Also, with this method we will know exactly what to bid for the cleaning, and other work if needed.

Usually for bids on the west side of Portland and sometimes for the east side, I will give an estimate based on google photos, maps, earth, and the roof measuring tool. With this option, this bid is more of a range as we did not lay eyes on the roof. So if you hire us to do the job at the cost I quoted, I will need to go out there and take a look at the roof to see if it is something that I think we can work with. The quote might change with this method.

I just want to be as honest and transparent as possible and if you want to call me to talk about my methods and ethics with roof leaks then you would know that my intentions are good. Thanks for your time, and thanks for reading this it means a lot to us.


Licensed, Bonded, Insured – CCB # 214684

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