the USDA recruited the Organic Materials Review Institute, best known as OMRI. The USDA asked OMRI to focus on the input products used in food production – fertilizers, pesticides, livestock health care products and a number of other products. OMRI works to ensure that all the substances used in organic production meet rigorous, federally approved standards.

The input products that meet those standards are then added to OMRI’s list of products approved for use in organic production and can display the OMRI Listed® logo on their packaging.

Safer® Brand’s Priority: OMRI Listed® Products.

Since its founding, Safer® Brand has put its focus on creating products that help organic producers. As a result, Safer® Brand now offers more than 30 products that have earned the coveted OMRI Listed® seal.


These products have been certified by OMRI after going through a battery of tests, including studies of the raw materials used in production, inspections of the production facility and testing on the final product. By meeting OMRI’s strict standards, you can be assured that these Safer® Brand products will meet yours, too.: