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We clean gutters by going above and beyond the call of duty, which includes loose debris removal from the roof, air blowing, pressure washing (when needed), and pictures to show that we did a great job so you don’t have to get up on the roof and check the work. The low pressure cleaning is nice because it gets everything clean and I shoot the wand in all of the downspouts to clear them of any clogged debris. We have special tools for clearing underground clogs as well – rooter equipment which if needed would be an additional $250.00 cost for each clog. We would keep you posted before getting into any additional work. When we are done on the roof we go around the house and clean any mess that is left behind and will pressure wash rinse the outside of the gutters, the siding and whatever else got dirty from the job. We have a $150.00 minimum. 503-432-9093.

The pressure washing, air blowing method for gutter cleaning is by far superior as it gets everything pristine and clean! Scooping out by hand or with a scooper leaves debris left behind which can clog your downspouts.
For repairs, we will need to get them fully clean and draining first before we are able to asses what type of repairs they will need. We are able to do repairs up to a certain point because we are not installers and are not able to fabricate new gutters. I do not know any good gutter installers who like doing repairs, probably because they do not like working on other people’s shoddy work. Who could blame them? So you will have to do your own research when wanting a contractor to do certain repairs on your gutters. 
If you have a steep roof we will want to install roof anchors before we can do the job. Please ask about these I can send you some more info and photos and if you want to have a conversation about them that is even better. Safety first

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Extra large corrugated downspouts with baskets help to keep gutters clean!

One of the systems that we love and it works very well for keeping the gutters cleaner for longer is the extra large corrugated downspouts with the basket debris catcher at a level where you can reach the debris from the ground (see the first photo below). What this system does is it allows for the debris to be sucked down the gutter downspout with the water and then caught in the basket so that way the stuff does not go underground and cause a clog. The hole in the top of the gutter is opened up much larger to accommodate your new larger downspouts, therefor allowing more debris to be flushed down the downspout hole and so it does not stay up in your gutter causing a clog. See some photos below of some comparisons for the size difference of these compared to regular size downspouts. These work great, you will love them! We can order them in pretty much any color. I would love to meet with you and bring the color sample so that we could discuss some options.

Gutter repairs.

We love to install gutter screws for the gutter fasteners as they will last a lot longer, will hold a lot more weight and will not pull out of the wood like the nails that are normally used. Ask about these I can send you photos and info. We have a $390.00 min. for gutter repairs. The only gutter repairs that we do are install gutter screw fasteners where the gutter spikes are pulling out and we can work on downspouts. 

We do not have a gutter machine and we do not do any kind of fabrication work. We cannot do partial replacements or fix leaks in the seams. If you do have rusty gutters and they are leaking, then you need new ones. We do have good leads though, and we can do a thorough inspection on your gutter system included when you hire us to clean them. We will let you know the right route that you need to go. Most of the time, gutters just need a good cleaning.

Underground clogs and clearing

We can clear underground clogs, which requires us to use our special rooter equipment. These are $250.00 for each underground clog. They require us to take the downspout apart, clear the downspout, add a strainer so that future clogs do not happen, clear the drain with our rooter hoses, and then devise a good plan for the future so that we do not have worry about that problem anymore. If you are getting clogs in the downspouts and underground, you may be a good candidate for a better downspout system with the debris catcher baskets at ground level. Please ask and ill send you photos and info on these.

If you call us back after we cleaned the gutters and there is any new foliage in your gutters since we cleaned them last then we will need to be compensated for our work. 

Tree Debris In Your Gutters? Having Thoughts About A Gutter Cover?

If you have heavy tree debris (large maple leaves) around your house and you are cleaning your gutters out a lot more then necessary, then you may want to try out a gutter guard system. I have tested just about everything on the market and these seem to work the best. I have only seen 3 or so working systems, everything else just gets in the way, doesn’t work, and makes it more difficult to clean out the gutters. There are a lot of gimmicks out there, that just do not work and are very annoying to us when we have to work around them. So what I have seen to work for people for a specific period of time are the Amerex gutter cover solid system. If you have questions or want a bid, please call, conversation and bids are free. We do install the Amerex system and love them for specific houses and certain tree debris. They work better for the larger leaves, so if you have pine needles they may not work as well. Also, these do not work on steep roofs with anything over an 8/12 pitch. 503-432-9093

Every once in a while, once we install them we need to come back out to the house and dial them in in certain problem areas to help them function even better. This is not included with the original installation price, it is an additional labor cost but usually takes less than an hour.

Another thing to keep in mind is that we will still need to air blow off the tops of the roof and the tops of the guards and debris will collect. Basically it just makes the maintenance easier, so it will be less of a cost for you in the future when we come out for the loose roof debris cleaning.

We have narrowed the gutter covers down to 2 that actually work out of the many that we have seen. There are a lot of gimmicks out there and if a gutter cover company claims that their product is maintenance free, it is not true. There is no such thing. The two that work are as follows.

1. Amerex solid gutter cover system. These are usually installed for about 10.00-12.00 per foot with parts and labor included. Plus the cost of the gutter cleaning before we do the install. They are nice because they snap in, so they are less permanent which makes it nice for maintenance or if we need to get into the gutter for any reason. They should last you about 5-10 years depending on where your house sits as far as the actual gutter guard itself breaking down over time. Easy to replace sections though, so this is really not an issue.

Amerex gutter cover

2. Another gutter cover that works well is the Leafguard, which we do not install. Get a quote on some Leafguards before you call us for a quote if you want. Do not get the knock off Leafguards, I have seen and hear horror stories. You do not get the same quality, workmanship, or warranty with the cheaper versions of these.

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