We are coming to your home, here are some important instructions.

The three most important things to do to make this experience go well are –

  • Have the water spigot closest to the front of the house parking area available for water use
  • Unlock gates
  • Close all windows.

The above three points are the most important things to do to prepare for us to arrive and work. If you can please do just those three things then you do not even need to be there while we work. Here are some optional or recommended instructions for customers, specifically for when we are coming to your house to clean your roof and or treatment application. We want to make this experience for you as convenient as possible, so it would be very nice to get the same treatment in return. Close all windows. Please do not leave animal droppings in the yard as we run our hoses through the grass and walk around a lot in the yard and up and down ladders. Very unsanitary and disrespectful to us working. We keep the treatment on the roof and have never had a problem, plus we spray down the foliage with water before and after the treatment but we can never be too safe. Also, we use an organic non caustic treatment application. Safety first though, so please take all animal dishes inside, keep people inside or away when we are working, and anything else you can think of to help keep everyone as safe as possible.

First, please know that this is a messy job and there will be debris.

Please move or cover anything that you do not want to get dirty, cars, ponds, fountains, lawn chairs and furniture, shoes, shoe racks, barbq’s, dogs, floor mats, etc. Have your driveways, walkways and any ground hard surfaces cleaned up as we will not clean up the hard surfaces that already have foliage and debris on them. We will only clean up CLEAN surfaces that were already clean before the roof cleaning process. If this is you, please hire a good landscape company to come through after we have done our work. We do a good job with cleanup and we will go around the house with the pressure washer and leave the house cleaner then when we got there – The debris out of the yard and garden is just compost that falls from the sky naturally and will compost out and the lawn mower is great for picking up dead moss. The bid does not reflect mowing your yard or raking the gutter debris out of the landscape as we are not setup for that. The bid does however, reflect cleanup of all hard surfaces and I guarantee you will be happy with our cleanup. If you want you can leave a yard debris can out for us to use and put most of the stuff into at no extra charge. If you want us to take debris with us (that is rare), please let me know so that I can add to the bid for extra labor and the trailer dump fee. I will let you know the cost up front as long as you let me know up front so that way there are no surprises for either party. This type of work can be a very messy job which requires pressure washing for cleanup. We need to go around your house with the washer or hose to rinse so please move anything that you do not want to get wet or dirty.

We will clean all the hard surfaces including but not limited to driveways, walkways, siding, windows, gutters, decks, etc. I prefer that the customer is home (but not required) when we finish so that way we can get the approval for the cleanup from the customer before we leave. Whether you are home or not, please move or cover things that you do not want dirty. Also, leave one of the water outlet spickets on (more important during winter months) so that we can run the pressure washer for cleanup.

Please unlock gates

Please keep all dogs inside. We enjoy our jobs and work. Being barked at all day makes the roof cleaning job less desirable for us. We want to be in a good mood when taking care of your roof and home. I love animals, especially dogs, so please be a responsible pet owner as we are going to be responsible with your home. We are in and out of gates a lot when doing this work and we do not want to be responsible for a lost dog. This is essentially a construction site when we are working. Please be respectful with your animals, kids, yourself, family etc. by keeping them inside and away and out of harms way. Also, please cleanup after your pets before we get there please please please! We run our hoses through the yard, up and down ladders and walk the property often when working. Very disrespectful and unsanitary to us to leave animal droppings in the yard. Thanks in advance!

We use either a treatment followed by air blowing, treatment only, brush or a low pressure washing method industry standard (plus treatment, photos, gutter cleaning, etc.). Whichever method is going to be the best and easiest on the roof. We will know the best game plan after we do our initial inspection or first time out work. 

Thank you for being a great customer and respecting us while we respect you and your property. I know this will turn into a great relationship and there is nothing I want more then to be able to dial in your roof, keep it clean, leak free and lasting as long as possible.

Let us know if you have an excessive amount of bees, or more than normal. We have issues rarely with bee hives on or around roofs, but it does happen. If you know you have a bee hive, please have it taken care of before we work on your roof.

Have your windows cleaned and landscape cleanup done after we work if you were already planning these services. Not so much that we get the windows dirty, but we do get them wet when we do the cleanup rinse down of the building.

Please talk with us when are on the ground, we do not like to have people around under the gutter line when we are working on the roof with tools and what not. Its mostly for safety reasons, please keep people away when we are up on the roof working. We are fair and honest and love to talk to good people so if you wanna come outside and talk with us while we work, then that is perfectly fine and we like to do that. Even though there may only be one or two people working, your property is a construction zone when we are up there. We have been doing this a long time so please do not micro manage, we like to be trusted and we know what we are doing. Feel free to talk if you want to learn something or you have questions. There is a difference between micro managing and having concerns and wanting information from professionals so don’t let this post scare you away. We love our good customers, and our relationships with you are one of the most important reasons we do this, its great. People who like to tell us how to work are very rare but I have to talk about it so that we are covered. Please note that we will clean up after ourselves and JNR prides itself on the fact that we go above and beyond for a good cleanup. We are conscientious with your home, landscape and belongings.

We like to be able to work without other contractors there. Other contractors feel the same way as we do, we want to be respectable with them as well. It is just easier if we can be the only contractors/service providers there while we are doing the job.

You do not need to be home or take days off from work, make special arrangements for you to be home. When we give days for work, that is a most likely as there are so many other factors that make it almost impossible for us to give an exact time and exact day sometimes and I wont bore you with details about why this is true in this type of business. If you want you can email, or call me and Ill explain this. Its not because we are flaky or unorganized, its just that jobs do not always go as expected (some take longer, some are shorter then expected), weather, short days, freezing temps etc. Most likely we will be within a close range of what we say and the jobs always get done right! The job will always get done, and we will do our best to keep you in the loop and communicate with you.

Gutter Guards on your house? Need the outside of the gutters washed?

If you have gutter guards, please let me know before I give a bid. We have to charge a fair price to remove them, clean the gutters and re install them. It is not as easy as cleaning gutters and normal bids reflect gutter cleaning without gutter guards. Note: If your gutters are filling up with debris and you have gutter guards, we may want to look at some other alternatives if it makes sense.

If you need the outside of your gutters washed, please let us know. When we bid for gutter cleaning, it means cleaning the inside of your gutters out, not pressure washing the outside face of them. We can do this, but it requires extra time and labor. 

If you are a property manager, or are responsible for setting up the job among multiple units and multiple people are involved, it is your responsibility as the managing or responsible coordinator to let all the people know about this stuff. You could send a link to this page or copy and paste this info via email.

Appointment Preparation
Appointment Preparation