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Thank you, and thank Kevin ā€“ he was TERRIFIC! The before & after photos are worth 1000 words! Clean as a whistle ā€“ looks new again! Iā€™d like to have you do the preventive treatment twice next year ā€“
Barbara - Portland

Excellent customer service!!!!! and super clean job... I hired JNR to come out after reviewing 6 bids. They came out to remove moss from my roof and treat. They also cleaned my gutters inside and out. I am referring them to all of my homeowner friends and have requested to be set up on their annual maintenance plan... SOLD!!!!!

Jessie-- thanks so much for the great job done on my roof! It really looks great and what a relief to see all those branches gone. Everything was left in a neat pile and but for the clean roof and skylight- I might never known anyone was there. Great job- awesome clean up and pleasant, professional personnel. 5-star customer service! Count me among your many satisfied customers!
Penny Francis

JNR Ind. will be my roof company for life! After getting the run-around from a large, well advertised firm that I had previously used, I called Jesse to get another opinion. He was prompt, honest, and knowledgeable. He worked me into his schedule right away. Kevin came out to clean and treat my roof. He was very pleasant and very courteous. The job cost me hundreds of dollars less (literally) and did so, without requiring any further commitment. So glad I found JNR Ind. I will happily refer them to anyone looking for roof maintenance.
Cathy G. - Redland, OR

Kevin came out yesterday and did a great job our roof and gutters. It was a big job due to the size and many angles on the roof but I couldn't be happier with the results. I will be recommending JNR to friends and neighbors.
Dave - Portland

Hi Jesse - thanks for the photos. Kevin did a great job. And while I asked him a lot of questions because I am so roof-ignorant, he worked quickly and efficiently. He was very knowledgeable, professional, and well, just gosh-darned nice.  Good partner for you, Jesse!  I am happy I chose JNR industries to work on my roof. You have been responsive and timely. Thank you. I will call you for future work.
Jennifer-Milwaukie, OR

Jesse, Thank you so much for the pictures. The roof looks fabulous, just like new as you said it would. Everyone thought the house needed a new roof, but it is actually a thirty year roof and only five years old. Was it Kevin who cleaned the roof? He gets my vote for employee of the year. The poor guy probably had hypothermia by the time he was done with temperatures in the 30's and wet snow falling a good part of the day. What a worker! Kudos to Kevin! We will certainly keep you in mind if our own house needs the roof cleaned and will recommend you to anyone who needs moss removed. Again, thank you so much.
Lois Schroeder

Professional, curtious and knowledgeable with his words. Thanks for the great job on my roof, a fair price for a licensed and bonded company! Appreciate all of your hard work.

Jesse did a great job. He was professional, prompt and friendly. He answered all our questions and gave us advice for future problems. We would definitely hire him again.
Sharon and Rick

Jesse cleaned our roof last year and did a great job. Just this week, he treated our roof with Wet & Forget, cleaned and unclogged our gutters, and installed guards to make sure they don't get clogged again. Jesse is an honest businessman running a great company and we've told him we will be customers for life, if he will have us. We are so proud that he included a video of our roof on his blog and praised us for keeping it up so well. It's not hard to do when Jesse is there to get the job done right. We will recommend JNR Industries to all of our neighbors and friends. Thanks again Jesse for a job well done.
Ryan and Amy Robertson

I had Jesse pressure wash the moss from my driveway and patio. He was most professional in all aspects from booking the job, calling to confirm, and then showing up on time. He worked hard and did the job very well. Liked him so much that I will have him remove the moss from my roof soon.
Lynda NE Portland

JNR Industries came out to clean moss off of my roof. They were on time, professional and friendly. They went to work right away, did a fine job cleaning the roof, left my property clean and neat and my roof sparkling! I would recommend these people to anyone needing their roof to be cleared of moss.

Extremely professional in every aspect of their service - on time, pleasant,well-groomed, hard working,with good listening skills and safety a priority as well. My roof looks like new, and I can see my aggregate driveway again. Two thumbs up!
Ms. Noreen C. - living in NoPo

I called Jesse because of a leaking roof. He showed up quickly, found the problem, repaired it and gave me a great quote on cleaning and repairing some other trouble spots on my roof. When it came time to do the bigger job he showed up when he said he would, stayed until the job was done and would not let me pay him until he was sure the roof was sound. Outstanding work ethic!
Laurie Zimmerman

I called Jesse with questions about his business and how he conducts business. It was refreshing to get direct answers to my questions. We had a free exchange of what services he provides and how he provides them. It gave me confidence that Jesse knows what he is talking about and actual does the work himself and not some one else.
Norm Rasmussen

Great blog jesse. Potential Customers take the time to read it! Roofs that get damaged by careless roof cleaners don't heal up over time. They get replaced early. Not all roof cleaners are equal. It's Jesse's ethics that make him an excellent choice.
Portland Roofing Contractor Chad Westover

Jesse Rice is a man of integrity. Not only does he care for his customers but also other locally run business. He helped us get started and we recommend him to anyone and everyone.
Jaffet Jefferson

Had a very problematic rear gutter that was continually plugging and overflowing from tree debris. Jessie of JNR installed the Rainflow gutter guards last year and we went through the entire winter without a single overflow - they work great! I'm now having them installed in the front of the house too. Great work and great service.
Bob Williams

I reached out to Jesse via the website and he responded to my request in less than an hour. He scheduled time 2 days later and took care of everything. I was so amazing to get pics of his work sent to me right after everything was done. His pricing is amazing for the work he does and I recommend him to anyone who needs the best in gutter and roof service.
Travis Kernen

Jesse at JNR Industries is my go-to-guy when it comes to roof and gutter maintenance. He is responsive, fair, knowledgeable and gets the job done right. I have no hesitation what-so-ever about recommending Jesse and JNR Industries to anyone that needs top-quality roof maintenance at an affordable price.
Jerry at Monsieur Fixit; CCB #181802

What a pleasure it was working with you guys today - and I deeply appreciate all you did! Our steep roof didn't seem to phase you in the least and you blew me away with the care you took to do a thorough job. Will certainly be following up with you soon (sometime during this next spring season, most likely) on the issues we left hanging - thanks so much!
Jan and Jerry

JNR(Jesse)Ind. Did a outstanding job on my gutter cleaning and even repaired a loose gutter that I did'nt even know about! Jesse is very professional and honest and affordable!I will be using JNR ind. for all my roofing/gutter need in the future!
C.W Diaz

Jesse really honors his estimates-which are very fair-even if it takes a little more work than he originally anticipated. He also cleans up after all the work he has done. We were very impressed with his thoroughness. He is an excellent communicator and a very humble person. I would recommend him to anyone.
Brooke and Hoyin

Jake Russell Licensed (CCB# 178799) member of The OREGON BUILDER BOARD says "JNR IND is also a installer of a very effective gutter guard, that's guranteed to last 20 years and keep downspouts clog free between roof moss prevention visits.
Rain Flow USA Gutter Guards (Fellow installer Jake Russell)

Chad Westover of Americhoice Contractors LLC Says "JNR IND is an honest professional.â€Å½ - JNR IND, The owner Jesse Rice is a hard working honest sole proprietor who provides a much needed service. Cleaning moss off of your steep roof is a dangerous job best left to professionals who have the right safety equipment and experience. Beware of any company that tries to tell you they can remove moss with some special spray or treatment. "The Roof Cleaning Institute of America" Recognizes that the only effective way to remove moss in the North West from any type off roof is to manually remove it. JNR Ind will not take your money until your roof is clean. Some of our competitors will take your money and ask you to wait several weeks for their "special product" to remove your moss. JNR IND removes virtually all the moss using good old fashioned manual labor and then applies Zinc powder to kill off the tiny moss spores that remain. Zinc is safe for everything in the environment except for moss lichen and algae. Once your roof is moss free get on his schedule for annual gutter cleaning and moss growth prevention.
Roof Cleaning Institute of America (Fellow NW area member)

I've used Jesse to help maintain my roof for several years now. He is prompt, professional, and thorough, and his prices are always fair. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend JNR to anyone!
Jim Hopkins

You sound quite professional and knowledgeable!
Chuck Bergman Roof Cleaning Charlotte County Florida

My roof is the one in the pictures - it was COVERED in moss before JNR Industries came out. Very professional, they left me an estimate on my doorknob - it was competitive and the person I talked to sounded very knowledgeable on the phone - so I went with them. No problems, and my roof is saved! Great prices, very personable, on time, no complaints.
Inna Vladkov

You have pictures of our roof in your photo galleries - and ours was the worst until you took care of it. Thank you! I just can't believe how bad we let it get, but you really saved the day BEFORE we needed a new roof.
Victor and Anna Johnson

After I contacted the company through the web here, a bid was hanging on my door. It seemed totally reasonable so I called and scheduled a time for someone to come out. Jesse came out when scheduled and cleaned the hell out of my roof! No more moss, and he cut a tree back for me as well as repaired a couple of my shingles. Everything was perfect really. You don't hope you need help on your roof, but when you do JNR Industries is as good as anyone and better than many.
Dane Fulmer

Our roof is so steep we had 3 contractors turn us down. We were so happy when Jesse said he hadn't yet turned anybody down - and even more excited when he was done. Our roof looks new and we couldn't be happier. For this kind of work, there is nobody better and he was worth every penny.
Kathy Lawson



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